The Denver Police Department, in the United States, arrested 17 people accused of involvement in a drug trafficking scheme that operated inside a taco trailer. According to the authorities, were seized 25 kilograms of methamphetamine, one of the largest seizures in the history in the u.s. State of Colorado. Methamphetamine is a synthetic drug that acts on the central nervous system (CNS), a very potent and highly addictive. ..
The Turkish Government has forbidden the country's students use tattoos and piercings in schools, a measure considered repressive and unenforceable by the opposition, according to the Turkish press said on Sunday. The tattoos, frowned upon by the conservative Turks, are very popular among urban youth, including among teenagers. Turkish President, Tayyip Erdogan, has already criticised the tattoo of a football player in the country photo: ..
The Russia announced on Monday the opening of a criminal investigation for genocide of Russian-speaking populations in the East of Ukraine, where the use of heavy weapons has caused, according to the Russian investigating Committee, the death of at least 2,500 people. The process is for the populations of the self-proclaimed republics of Lugansk and Donetsk, the two main separatist strongholds in Eastern Ukraine, said in a statement the ..
The historic market building, at Covent Garden in London was presented by an art installation that simulates the building is cut in half and you're floating through the eyes of tourists. The information is from the Mirror. According to the publication, the installation called "Take my Lightning" is the work of artist Alex Chinneck and mega is an optical illusion. The 12 metre long sculpture was made from a steel frame and an expanded ..
Survivors of one of the most overwhelming fires in Australia will get nearly $ 500 million after reaching a plea deal on Tuesday, the biggest financial compensation in the history of the country, according to information from the AP. The fire, which left 119 dead, was the most fatal among a series that hit the southern state of Victoria in 2009, leaving a total of 173 dead and destroying more than 2 thousand homes in just one day. More ..
Explosive devices hit this Wednesday the courtyard of a school and a street near the city of Donetsk, in Eastern Ukraine, killing four people, including a teacher and a father, and injuring eight others. At the time of the explosion, 238 people were in the area of the school, including 70 children, on the day of return to school, which in this region happens a month after the rest of the country. The city reported that the children were ..
The regional Government of Catalonia declared on Tuesday that it will temporarily suspend the formal campaign for the referendum on independence from Spain after the Spanish Government filed an appeal to prevent the vote. Madrid argues that the query, the Catalan leader Artur Mas requested for the day on November 9, would violate the law because it would only be held in Catalonia, and not in the entire country, and appealed to the ..
The group linked to the Islamic State (EI) that kidnapped on Sunday a French in Algeria on Wednesday released a video titled "blood message to the French Government," showing his beheading. This group, Jund al-Khilafa, had threatened on Monday to kill HervĂ© Gourdel, a mountain guide from 55 years if France would continue with its air strikes on Iraq, an ultimatum rejected on Tuesday by President François Hollande. The video, posted on ..
More than 130 Islamic fighters of Boko Haram surrendered to Nigerian forces, and a man impersonating group leader in numerous videos was killed in the fighting, the military reported on Wednesday. The army intensified military operations against the Boko Haram in remote Northeast since the rebels occupied several towns and declared the area that control "a Muslim territory". Learn More Gunmen kill 15 people in College in Northern ..
The Australia announced that it will resume the search for the plane from Malaysia Airlines, flight MH370, on 30 September. The plane disappeared on March 8 with 239 people on board while making a round trip between Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to Beijing (China). The first of the three ships that will make the search, aided by submarines, arriving on day 30 and the other two in early October. The exploration will be carried out by Malaysian ..