The Denver Police Department, in the United States, arrested 17 people accused of involvement in a drug trafficking scheme that operated inside a taco trailer. According to the authorities, were seized 25 kilograms of methamphetamine, one of the largest seizures in the history in the u.s. State of Colorado. Methamphetamine is a synthetic drug that acts on the central nervous system (CNS), a very potent and highly addictive. ..
The Turkish Government has forbidden the country's students use tattoos and piercings in schools, a measure considered repressive and unenforceable by the opposition, according to the Turkish press said on Sunday. The tattoos, frowned upon by the conservative Turks, are very popular among urban youth, including among teenagers. Turkish President, Tayyip Erdogan, has already criticised the tattoo of a football player in the country photo: ..
The Russia announced on Monday the opening of a criminal investigation for genocide of Russian-speaking populations in the East of Ukraine, where the use of heavy weapons has caused, according to the Russian investigating Committee, the death of at least 2,500 people. The process is for the populations of the self-proclaimed republics of Lugansk and Donetsk, the two main separatist strongholds in Eastern Ukraine, said in a statement the ..
The historic market building, at Covent Garden in London was presented by an art installation that simulates the building is cut in half and you're floating through the eyes of tourists. The information is from the Mirror. According to the publication, the installation called "Take my Lightning" is the work of artist Alex Chinneck and mega is an optical illusion. The 12 metre long sculpture was made from a steel frame and an expanded ..
Two policemen were killed and five were injured on Friday in an ambush by suspected Shining Path guerrillas against a patrol that electoral material collected in southeastern Peru. The guerrillas struck the convoy of four vehicles that participated in the Organization of municipal and regional elections on Sunday. The attack happened on a road linking the localities of San Francisco and Machente, where is located the largest planting of ..
Explosive devices hit this Wednesday the courtyard of a school and a street near the city of Donetsk, in Eastern Ukraine, killing four people, including a teacher and a father, and injuring eight others. At the time of the explosion, 238 people were in the area of the school, including 70 children, on the day of return to school, which in this region happens a month after the rest of the country. The city reported that the children were ..
Heat waves recorded last year in Asia, Europe and Australia were influenced by climate change caused by man, but not all extreme weather events could be attributed to global warming, scientists said on Monday. In total, 16 extreme events-including rainfall, floods, droughts and storms-were analyzed in an annual report entitled "Explaining extreme events of 2013 for a Climate Perspective" ("Explaining Extreme Events of 2013 from a Climate ..
European Union countries must devote "considerable" funds for redemptions of immigrants in the Mediterranean sea before Italy can terminate their own mission, otherwise many lives will be lost, said the human rights group Amnesty International on Tuesday. The civil war in Syria, forced military conscription in Eritrea and the collapse of order in Libya are taking a record number of refugees and immigrants trying to escape through the ..
One of the leaders of the Federation of students of Hong Kong said on Tuesday that the level of protest on the streets of the city will be increased and there is plans to occupy Government offices. "We will increase the intensity of the protests since the day 2", next Thursday, said Chow Wing Hong, one of the General Secretaries of the Federation, in a speech to the press along the Chan Kin Man, confundador of the movement Occupy Central. ..
Common sense calls often low wages of Brazilian teachers to poor performance of the students. But the truth is that, although important, the money that goes into the pockets of teachers is not the only factor weighing in that equation. Is that link education specialists. Working conditions of professionals and the infrastructure of the schools also need to be improved. The salary would have more weight, Yes, in time to influence young people ..