The Denver Police Department, in the United States, arrested 17 people accused of involvement in a drug trafficking scheme that operated inside a taco trailer. According to the authorities, were seized 25 kilograms of methamphetamine, one of the largest seizures in the history in the u.s. State of Colorado. Methamphetamine is a synthetic drug that acts on the central nervous system (CNS), a very potent and highly addictive. ..
The Turkish Government has forbidden the country's students use tattoos and piercings in schools, a measure considered repressive and unenforceable by the opposition, according to the Turkish press said on Sunday. The tattoos, frowned upon by the conservative Turks, are very popular among urban youth, including among teenagers. Turkish President, Tayyip Erdogan, has already criticised the tattoo of a football player in the country photo: ..
The Russia announced on Monday the opening of a criminal investigation for genocide of Russian-speaking populations in the East of Ukraine, where the use of heavy weapons has caused, according to the Russian investigating Committee, the death of at least 2,500 people. The process is for the populations of the self-proclaimed republics of Lugansk and Donetsk, the two main separatist strongholds in Eastern Ukraine, said in a statement the ..
The historic market building, at Covent Garden in London was presented by an art installation that simulates the building is cut in half and you're floating through the eyes of tourists. The information is from the Mirror. According to the publication, the installation called "Take my Lightning" is the work of artist Alex Chinneck and mega is an optical illusion. The 12 metre long sculpture was made from a steel frame and an expanded ..
Two policemen were killed and five were injured on Friday in an ambush by suspected Shining Path guerrillas against a patrol that electoral material collected in southeastern Peru. The guerrillas struck the convoy of four vehicles that participated in the Organization of municipal and regional elections on Sunday. The attack happened on a road linking the localities of San Francisco and Machente, where is located the largest planting of ..
Little more than 12:0 am after a fire with a fatal victim in Sapopemba in the East zone of São Paulo, the city suffers from another major fire in the region of Brás, also on the East side. The fire, which started around this Friday 3:50 pm spread quickly by the slum located on the street 21 April. At the moment, 20 cars and 57 men from the Fire Department work on site to try to control the fire. According to the Fire Department, was .. This year, more than 100 women have been murdered in Bolivia, one of the most violent countries for women in Latin America, according to the UN (United Nations). But in the midst of a wave of attacks on them-including bodies abandoned, burned and beheaded, a group of women has achieved what seemed impossible. The move put the machismo as a central issue in the campaign for the presidential and parliamentary elections ..
The defeated candidate of the PSB, Marina Silva, said on Sunday, after a week of conversations with the PSDB, your support of Aecio Neves for the second round of presidential elections. "In view of the commitments made by Aecio Neves, I declare my vote and my support for his candidacy," said Marina, which gained 21.1 percent of the votes in the first round, in a statement to the press. Marina specified that their support does not happen ..
The United States confirmed on Sunday the first case of ebola virus contracted in the country, which puts in doubt the adopted protection measures and represents a serious blow in the global fight against the epidemic. The affected person is an employee of the Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas, where he was treated the Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan-ebola victim who died last Wednesday. The announcement of contagion has rekindled fears about ..
On the eve of Halloween, celebrated on 31 October, Nasa unveiled a curious picture of the Sun: the astor appears with a look similar to that of a Halloween Pumpkin. The information is from The New York Times. Photo: Reproduction/Nasa The photo was released last Wednesday and didn't suffer any changes in image editing programs. Learn More Astronauts complete spacewalk repairs on the ISS Britain opens space weather Center Blood ..